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Do You Want To See Hamilton In Chicago?

The musical performances are going to take place in the PrivateBank Theatre commonly known as the leading entertainment event location of Chicago. It has presented numerous wide-scale theatrical performances in Chicago ever since its establishment in 1906, not to mention the recent releases such as the Kinky Boots, The Book of Mormon and other noteworthy events. The tickets for the performance are projected to be the quickest sellers in the entire history of the theatre.  

Hamilton Musical in Chicago

Throughout the history, not so many musicals have gained as much popularity and recognition as Hamilton, which is a globally acknowledged masterpiece that continues to attract the attention of viewers starting from its first release in 2015. It is characterized by a mixture of hip-hop elements and a breath-taking journey into the history of America. This musical has turned into a real sensation being immensely popular with audience and winning a total of 16 Tony nominations two years ago. It currently sets up for a new tour so the tickets for the show in Chicago will be sold out soon enough as it paves its way to Los Angeles.

History of Hamilton Musical

It all began when the director Lin-Manuel Miranda came across the printed biography of Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow. Soon enough, Miranda conjured up the mixtape incorporating the musical version of the life of this legendary American founding father, which was then reconverted into a musical performance. Soon after that, Miranda partially presented the poetry about Hamilton at the White House, which became a turning point in his career and eventually guided the musical to the big scene. As a result, Hamilton won a whole variety of exemplary prizes, not to mention 11 Tony Awards.

Key Character of Hamilton Musical

Although the image of Alexander Hamilton is sometimes blended with the rest of founding fathers of the US, this historical figure definitely produced a positive influence on the whole state at large. Among others, Alexander Hamilton established the Coast Guard of the US to fight the never-ending problems of piracy and trafficking in the seaports of the region. In addition, the forefather of America is highly acclaimed for the establishment of the Evening Post in New York, which is currently known as just the New York Post.